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Here is the email I received today.  I consider this threatening and bullying.  I have never read the other emails prior to this until today, they go to my attorney and my Mom who look for anything in them that I need to know about the kids.  The other crazy stuff I don't need to know about.  But I have kept them for for future reference.  I'm glad I did so that his thought patterns can be examined.
I am scared of this man.  His bizarre behaviour is escalating just when I thought he was calming down about the divorce. I would like to know what I can do to protect myself and my boys?
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If you tell the truth we won’t have to involve James.

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Lisa & Allison,
At this point I believe the Valentines Day Massacre case is going to be reopened.
Just wanted to give you a heads up. 
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Subject: Police Report - Valentine's Day Massacre
Dear Ms. Jones & Ms. Ellison,
Allison, will you put in your 2 cents and advise Lisa if she should keep up this deception or come clean?  Which avenue would you pursue?   
Are you handling Lisa’s criminal actions too or should I be addressing this to someone else?
Attached  (Police Report) that is not reflective of any incident that happened at Blindlake.  This big fat lie has Lisa as the author, Lisa has told me she didn’t filed a police report.   But now there is a police report with my name on it as the suspect, and Lisa’s name as the complainant.  To clear my name I may have to file a complaint against the complainant and that would be Lisa not Joe.   
Joe Felice called  9-1-1 around 7pm on Valentine’s Day.  And from what I’ve been told he said I threatened to kill him.   The police referred to as a TERRORIST THREAT and the authorities know this is very serious.  A threat on someone’s life should be fully investigated and not sweep under the rug.  Joe abused the 9-1-1 system for his personal use, he deceived dispatch, used the deputies for his own personal grudge, because I exposed him as a liar 5 years ago when he was working on another cover-up.  Joe expected the police to arrest me and take me to jail.  I’m sure the police thought they were doing what was right when in fact it was the wrong thing.  My father in law made up a lie to trick the police to put me in jail, this is evil.
All three Police cars responded immediately to Joe’s 9-1-1 Terrorist Threat call, I hope no one got hurt when these cars were racing to the scene.  When they arrive reality sets in, they would have taken me to jail but I wasn’t there I left 3 hours earlier, after Lisa used me as her personal punching bag again.  (Allison I may need a copy of the phone conversation we conferenced with Allyson  where I gave my account of what happened)  After talking to Joe, Deputy Luce concluded that  ‘Joe was not credible’? 
And this is the juncture where Deputy Luce made a wrong turn and just kept going, instead of arresting Joe Felice for the crime he committed, Deputy Ben Luce became judge and jury, and conspired with  Maggie, & Joe, to save Joe’s butt and implicate an innocent man with a lie.  Hopefully, when Deputy Luce realizes his actions hurt and didn’t help I’m sure he will come forward and do the right thing.
I don’t know why an impartial deputy entrusted with superior powers would conspire with someone they determined was not credible?   Why would Deputy Luce knowingly falsify his report to save Joe’s Felice from being held responsible for his actions?    What benefit would Deputy Luce get by lying? 
Has Joe Felice directly or indirectly shown any appreciation to Deputy Luce for his cooperation  in submitting a false police report?  This bogus report states Lisa Claire Kenny as the complainant instead of Joe Felice.  This police report, I believe  was hatched on our porch around 7:15pm on Valentine’s Day, when the co-conspirators realized that Joe is challenged by morals,  honesty, fairness, and broke the law in his attempt to injure an innocent person by deceiving law enforcement officials.  Ironically, law enforcement has conspired with the person that deceived them in the 1st place.   It sounds unbelievable but it not, it’s plain old unacceptable!  And should be unacceptable to everyone not just me!   Allison, would you or maybe the Wed Night Bible Study Group find this unacceptable?   where law enforcement officials are lied to and deceived by a clever elderly gentleman manipulating the police for his personal gratification.  UnAcceptable and wrong!   

I know the other witnesses are willing to tell the truth and there are quite a few of them.  I’m  sure they would all testify that what they saw is not what is in the report.  Maybe the new investigation will clear things up.  Why did I say ‘new’ investigation?  There never was an investigation.  This cover-up is wrong!  I will be contacting the ADA who made their decision based upon a deceived Deputy Luce lie.  I will open the ADA’s eyes, and get this case(s) re-opened.  And identify the correct suspects and victim, hold these folks accountable,  and get this resolved above board.
I believe, the police report is considered an official government document.    This could prove to be a problem, lying to me is one thing but filing a false police report is a crime that has penalties.  For some reason they all forgot about the threat on Joe’s life, except Lisa, she sent an email saying that Bill threatened to kill Joe.  I’m sure that the witnesses who were at Blindlake when the police came, would say the police report is wrong and they heard Joe Felice said I threatened to kill him.  
This is a crime and there are a plenty of players, trying to keep this deception and lie concealed, with this large a group, will be next to impossible.  I’m sure we all want the same thing to get this out into the open and looked at closely instead of having it sweep under the rug.  It may take some doing but if we work together I’m sure we will all get the justice we deserve. 
Whoever said you can’t cheat an honest man, might be right!     (Note: I didn’t say ‘cheat-on’)
Good Luck All,
Bill Kenny