I requested help from government officials but realized the corruption goes to the top.
Anyone reviewing this case would deliberately be deceived by HCA records.
These public servants are paid professionals with decades of experience and possess the knowledge to properly record data that hopefully will not be questioned.
There are two sides but only one truth and even HCA records cannot change that fact.

HCSO respond to a 911 call and filed a fabricated police report that covered-up the real crime the 911 call and the real criminal the 911 caller.
  • The 911 call is evidence; Harris County’s combined effort to withhold this evidence is questionable if not illegal. I found out after I asked a simple question; “who authorized a county employee to spend time filing a frivolous brief to withhold this HCSO 911 call”? I never expected Cheryl Thornton’s answer she said there was no brief filed by HCAO. Ms. Thornton was sincere and honest she reminded me of Enron employees who did not know there were two sets of books.
    • Police Report states Luce met with a nonexistent complainant instead of the 911 caller. This is where it started this is where it would have ended if HCSO followed the law.
    • Why did the deputies, who twice heard the 911 caller say ’I called them, that fucker threatened to kill me!’ cover-up for this evil citizen who called 911 and used the police?
    • The 911 recording seemed odd, instead of urgency it was a spelling bee, almost like reading a script, very different that the ‘Death Threats’ stated onsite and on the phone all within minutes.
    • Asst DA Wilhelm (real person? ADA Chase answered her phone) closed case under HCSO direction. Pain threshold? There was no pain reported in the falsified police report.
    • SVU Sgt Weinel did not investigate because of Deputy Luce falsified police report. Weinel in Supp1 said ADA Welheim and Deputy Luce reported no reason for an investigation based upon official government records.
    • The HCSO Clay Road Substation is a mile from the Clay Road Golf Course. The 911 caller was the Golf Course Marshall which begs the question who at HCSO Clay Road Substation would have the authority and desire to give the Golf Course Marshall a Mulligan instead of playing by the rules? Authorized public servants using their granted authority to cover-up crimes and exploit an innocent citizen is wrong.
IAD decided to rubber stamp the False Police Report filed by Deputy Luce. The investigation had a premediated NOT-SUSTAINED outcome so investigator Sgt. Herndon had to back into that conclusion. If she did not ask the question or if a deputy did not answer the question then there is no record.
  • HCA arraigned this unique combination for this exceptional case. IAD Sgt. Jennifer Herndon Oddly paired up with Lofton Harrison from Clay Road Substation who sat-in as a Captain of IAD? (A 2nd grader could see through this charade). The investigation and interrogations prove this investigation is completely compromised.
    • Investigator Herndon asked Joe Felice ‘why did you call 911’ he said without pause ‘Because of the Threats!’. So Herndon had to lead him away from that. Take a listen.
    • The brief to withhold the 911 call came from the Executive Branch Director of Legal at HCSO signing for HCAO without their knowledge.
    • The official brief states threats made not only to the caller but also to other family members. But all threats were covered-up in the police report. This official Harris County Official IAD investigation is as legitimate as the official police report.
    • Lisa’s testimony changed from pushing to an all-out physical fight but only one of us had physical injuries.
      If I were in a fight with anyone it would be obvious. I did not rip her shirt; she ripped it after the attack because she had no injuries.
    • Where are the records where I personally met with Investigator Herndon and gave testimony?
    • Where are the transcripts (not interpreted narrative) of the deputy interviews? Dep King didn’t answer a couple of questions and Luce did not answer a question but Herndon typed a long responses. The number of keystrokes does not equal the voice reply. Or it could be possible that the copy I received from HC of the audio recording is not the same as the original. Take a listen.
Lockwood Meeting with SVU Investigator Weinel & original Investigator Thomas. Weinel reopened the case with a premediated outcome to reinforce the police report and the IAD investigation.
  • The problem is growing besides a criminal police report now there is a bogus IAD investigation as well. This is where HCSO doubled down now instead of pretending they are following policy they have to frame an innocent citizen to cover-up this growing cancer.
    • I gave them my statement and it was used to create a to-do list to perform a clean-up operation to tie up loose ends, plug leaks, coach & coerce witnesses, then frame the victim as a criminal. Sgt. Thomas used his 34 years of experience to conceal citizen and police crimes the best he could.
    • Weinel knows the truth and that the police report and the IAD investigations are bogus. They know there has been a huge miscarriage of justice and an unbiased investigation would expose IAD corruption.
    • Weinel said if I were a woman this never would have happened. Gender should not matter, justice is supposed to be blind.
    • Sgt Thomas received a get out of jail card from IAD when he investigated the reopened case.
HCDA ADA Schultz Allegedly Assigned but unaware of the Case.
Det. Thomas provided tainted evidence to HCDA not to take charges.
  • Schultz, after supposedly was briefed by Thomas in person, had no knowledge of the reopened case see recorded phone calls.
    • However, only two days after Schultz knew nothing about the case Schultz closed the case. Schultz never talked to me. Schultz used tainted data from Investigator Thomas as justification.
    • The letter I received is supposed to have been sent by Schultz. Schultz HCDA employment was terminated. Scott Durfee stated he maintained contact with Schultz after termination and provided testimony from Schultz which is hearsay.
    • Sgt. Thomas with HCA support provided tainted data in a case that he is covering-up.
HCDA Intake ADA Parsons & Judge Chow. Would not go against HCSO but knew of corruption.
  • Sgt. Thomas falsely reported me as a criminal giving HCDA a legal out.
    • Parsons failed to take charges because it would expose HCSO corruption with HCA exposure.
    • I believe Judge Chow read but did not listen to Supp4 because she asked if Joe Kenny saw my injuries? That question leads to two versions of Sgt Thomas narrative of Supp4. She did contact HCDA Ben Cowey from integrity to investigate.
HCDA Integrity Terese Buess wanted my evidence but refused to investigate. (Premediated conclusion)
  • This officer of the court she is supposed to be part of the checks & balances in the system.
    • She admitted this situation is wrong but that’s the way it going to be.
    • Each of her supervisors agreed with Ms. Buess decision not to investigate. I think DA Mike Anderson sent his letter from the hospital because he died soon after.
IAD complaint to Sgt. Rush against Sgt. Thomas for providing tainted evidence to HCDA from his compromised investigation.
  • Sgt. Rush after opening a case on the computer abruptly ended our meeting after talking to someone.
    • It took months to find out that Lt Pair (now Major) secretly closed the complaint administratively in order to maintain the cover-up.
    • IAD provided impunity to Sgt Thomas for his contribution in organized crime. IAD had previously ruled to reinforce Deputy Luce falsified police report.
Complaint to HCAO Melissa Spinks about Susan Fillion filing three frivolous briefs. This was handled administratively similar to HCSO Sgt Thomas complaints.
  • Melissa Spinks wanted to know who I’ve spoken to and what evidence I have. Looking back this meeting could have been an evaluation of HC exposure and ID non-team players.
    • HCAO Spinks requested my data; I gave her a full set of documents HCAO made copies.
    • I provided; my requests, their briefs, my comments, and the TXAG rulings in the three FOIA requests that HCAO authorized and attempted to withhold the data.
    • Spinks asked twice what data I received from my FOIA request. I told her it was material for Jerry Springer.
Another IAD complaint against Sgt. Thomas with IAD Deputy Guerrero.
  • Sgt Thomas performed a clean-up operation with impunity from crime in cooperation with HCSO Executive Branch to reinforce the original premeditated compromised IAD NOTSUSTAINED decision granted to Deputy Luce even though they know Luce intentionally filed a false police report.
    • Guerrero unwittingly exposed Sgt Thomas Supplement #4 as fraudulent.
    • Interview abruptly ended and immediately closed by Guerrero recommendation after saying he only collects the data.
    • IAD provided impunity to Sgt Thomas for his contribution in organized crime. IAD had previously ruled to reinforce Deputy Luce falsified police report.
TXAG Godden Ruled HCDA can withhold HCSO data that is in the public domain.
  • TXAG Godden ruled HCDA can withhold a HCSO police report that is already in my possession plus I provided a copy to TXAG in my comments. This result is contrary to what I’ve been told by a FIOA attorney. (My comments were returned to the wrong party, the question is why. Did Godden rule based on a misconception?
    • Godden thought my comments came from HCDA. This never would have surfaced and I never would have known this but I asked TXAG to return my comments TXAG said they didn’t have them because they sent them to HCDA Scott Durfee.
    • TXAG returned my comments to HCDA thinking the data came from HCDA, this begs the question how can you honestly rule without knowing the requestor submitted the data that he was requesting?
    • TXAG should have HCDA Supp4 & HCSO Supp4 and realize they are [NOT] the same.
      Like Supp4 the above sentence changes 100% based on (NOT) being present or absent.
    • What is motivating HCDA to withhold this data in the first place?