These crimes involved over Fifty Empowered Government Employees plus many support staff. Additionally I reached out to another thirty or so outside agencies and other individuals over a four year period for help. The final result being there is; no incentive, no assistance, and no legal path to expose Harris County Administration corruption.

Harris County Attorney's Office (HCAO)

Cheryl Thornton - After receiving the TXAG 911 ruling to release the 9-1-1 call I called HCAO to find out who was responsible and authorized the HC resources to file a frivolous brief that’s sole purpose obstruct justice and cover-up HCSO crimes. To my surprise, she said HCAO never filed any briefs to withhold the 9-1-1 recording. (Two sets of books). Days later Ms. Thornton attempted to rewrite history after she found out a brief was filed by HCSO Roel Garcia using Vince Ryan/HCAO Authority and sent a CYA letter.

Susan Fillion - HCAO Atty under HCSO control not sure about separation of powers. She went silent after a conflicting version of Supp#4 surfaced at HCSO and Fillion sent me a different Supp#4 than the HCDA version. I asked her for an image not a recreation of Supp#4 she failed to reply. Fillion filed a false certification to TXAG, provided a false Supp#4 as original. Fillion provided 911 recording after sending me on a wild goose chase and diverting me to Dori Wind, Roel Garcia, & Delores Miller before she turned over the HCSO 911 recording - I question its authentication and completeness . Susan Fillion presented highly filtered data, withheld data, & fabricated data created by HCSO/IAD (no IAD review board w/6 majors), altered data (supp#4), 911 call is suspicious and was withheld after TXAG rulings. Fillion conspired w/HCSO to file frivolous briefs to obstruct justice, I felt she was assigned to me. HCAO Spinks told me Susan Fillion HCAO files are private (Two sets of books) - that’s why HCAO did not know about and did not find the brief? In 2016 she shows working at CPS as punishment or reward?

Melissa Spinks - Met with Melissa Spinks, Barb Armstrong, & Cheryl? On 16th floor, provided copies of 3 filed briefs including results HCAO filed with TXAG - they made copies. Spinks denied responsibility for subordinate Fillion; Spinks said Susan took all docs with her to HCSO (Two sets of books).

Randall Smidt - Spinks said Smidt is Fillions supervisor not her, Fillion moved to HCSO but being represented as HCAO employee with Vince Ryan Signature. Smidt refused to answer my questions, said he isn't responsible if Fillion breaks the law.

Barbara Armstrong - Informed but accepted inappropriate/illegal HCE actions. Armstrong advised HCSO to stop John Dyess investigation of IAD. Asked for status with Susan Fillion complaint she went silent and advised HCSO to allow me to only deal with Major Greenwood.

Robert Soard - Informed but condoned inappropriate / illegal HCE actions. His letter refused to answer my questions and told me to complain elsewhere. Vince is hiding behind Soard.

Dori Wind - Susan Fillion suggested her to enforce the TXAG 911 ruling. I included her in email to comply with TXAG ruling and release the 911 call.

Vince Ryan/Nancy - Informed but condoned inappropriate/illegal subordinates actions. Refused to answer my questions multiple times, he should be responsible for his signature.

Leslie Austin - PIA Group for HCAO asked her for IAD internal report. I was told IAD collects/filters, records, maintains, and reports on their data. HCSO/IAD control their authority, and solely responsible with no oversight from HCAO.

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Harris County District Attorney's Office (HCDA)

ADA Chase - 713-755-0531 1st time asked for ADA Wilheim (police report) got ADA Chase, why? I told her police report was falsified and backwards, Chase suggested I contact HCSO Family Violence Sgt Weinel. HCDA knowingly dismissed a case on false evidence provided by HCSO.

Natalie Schultz/Jennifer - Weinel & Thomas both said Schultz is the ADA for the reopened case. Schultz said she didn't know anything about the case and said it wasn't her case. (Thomas said he talked to her the day before) She closed the case 2 days later - never talked to me. Schultz worked with HCSO to cover up HCSO crimes. It appears that the Supp#4 narrative Schultz received from Thomas said just the opposite of the audio testimony.

Lynne Parsons/Jennifer - Intake Division Chief, decided not to bring charges (Thomas filtered/tainted evidence obstructed Justice) later Lynn was moved to elderly people? I responded to her 10 questions - ParsonsQuestionsAnswered.doc. Using your ability and authority to back into an end result, is not justice, it’s just wrong. Lynne refused to meet with me.

Judge Hannah Chow/Brandi - Public Services & Infrastructure Bureau Chief - one responsibly is Intake. Sent cert Sarbanes/Oxley letter (ignorance is not a defense). Lycos appointed you; I pray ‘do the right thing’ is Policy not a slogan. Lynn Parson's supervisor, I complained to her about Lynn's actions.

Benjamin Cowey Investigator Called and I wasn't expecting it - (Judge Chow must have a conscience because Lynn Parsons doesn't), Cowey said intake chief & Judge Chow asked him to call to see what evidence I possess. I didn't know who to trust and did not trust him because it was unexpected.

Marco Patino Mail checklist paperwork back to HCDA Public Integrity

Terese Buess (integrity) - she wants evidence, I let her know it’s her job to investigate; she is the watch dog not the lap dog.

Scott Durfee PIA/Zaraha Conspired w/AAG June Hardin to receive back my TXAG comments/evidence - therefore, Gen Cnsl Scott Durfee possessed and presented both versions of Supp4. Refused to return the data he mistakenly received from TXAG back to the TXAG. Scott Ignored TXAG ruling for 2 years w/no consequences TXAG FOIA intentionally lacks backbone.

Natalie Tise - Scott Durfee conferred and sent her my TXAG comment data. Natalie has gone silent and refuses to talk.

Judge Belinda Hill/Anita, Tammy Her letter states support for Terese Buess and will do nothing.

Bill Hawkins/Brandy - Fill-in replacement for Jim Leitner for last few months as 1st Atty. We cannot win this case reply letter. Email to HCDA Mr. Hawkins. Understandability (short timer) lacked desire to investigate compromised coworkers in HCDA or HCSO.

Mike Anderson/Stephanie Arman APR 5, 2013 Received letter from DA Anderson saying he agrees with Ms. Buess. He must have sent it from his death bed.

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Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO)

Deputy Luce Luce - abused his authority and violated his duty. Luce conspired to cover up crimes as he broke laws. Luce falsified the police report to protect criminals and turned the victim into the suspect. Luce should be fired and held accountable for his criminal actions. He is a bad egg and a disgrace to the badge.

Sgt. Jennifer Herndon - I met with Herndon at IAD once or twice gave testimony but there is no record of it (Two sets of Books) from my FOIA request. Investigator for IAD she should have been demoted but was promoted to LT shortly after she backed into the premeditated outcome when it was assigned. She joined the conspiracy, broke the law, and promoted to Lt.

Lofton Harrison - For some unknown reason Lofton Harrison (ClayRd substation) acted as IAD Captain that involved his deputy & investigator. After a compromised, premediated, investigation by IAD Det Herndon I received a 'NOT-SUSTAINED ' verdict in a letter with no supporting documentation. This man is obstructing justice and covering-up for his subordinates crimes. (Two sets of Books) He said his job is to gather & present and that he had nothing to do with the 'Not Sustained' decision. This man is compromised. (RG)

Roel Garcia - Director of Legal Services, Garcia created & filed w/TXAG the original brief to obstruct justice and withhold the 911 call using Vince Ryan authority after I filed FOIA for a copy of the 911 call that was intentionally never mentioned in the police report. Garcia directed HCAO Fillion and was involved in every aspect of this case, from 911 to HCSO, to HCAO, to HCDA, thru TXAG open records - common denominator/root cause. He has the authority and is responsible for the docs provided, withheld, and their authentication. Garcia broke criminal & FOIA laws and has no accountability. Garcia asked if I were charged with a crime (no harm no fouls). Garcia authorized Sgt. Thomas to provide a premeditated investigation result and yielded his responsibility for FOIA release to Sgt. Thomas? Sgt Weinel cooperated and conspired with Garcia. Garcia withheld Luce PEW, Weinel police report Supplemental when he reopened the case, Sgt Herndon original IAD meeting(s) (Two sets of Books). Somehow usps tracking number 7014-2120-0001-7784-1511 has no usps history, just appearing May 4, 2015 at sorting facility and out for delivery after missing for over 20 days? This nice guy weasel lied and said he was transferred to purchasing. His power transfers between administrations.

Claudia Gallardo/RG - Filed fraudulent affidavits to withhold data under her direct control and withheld incriminating HCSO data to maintain cover-up of organized crime.

Sgt. Mike Weinel - Badge 501. Met with Weinel and Thomas at Lockwood. Gave audio may be a video or other evidence besides the badge I have. He talked to IAD & Roel Garcia and knows the truth, wants to retire, and is not opposed to playing ball and FRAMING an innocent citizen as collateral damage to prevent exposing HCSO crimes. He said DA would take charges if I were a woman. (This encouraged me to pursue and go thru HCDA office). I sent him 3 more pics from 2/14 attack after discovering new bruises. I never received his case supplement/narrative when he reopened the case and sent to HCDA Schultz - who is withholding it? (Two sets of books?)

Sgt Thomas - Sgt Thomas 12-21366 IAD12-0081-0305 Filed false, misleading, filtered, evidence to change the outcome of his investigation. His compromised investigation provided evidence to direct HCDA to a premeditated outcome. Det Thomas got a Get out of jail card from HCSO IAD with support of Exec branch. This man abused the public trust and is a legal criminal, his priors should be investigated - I am not the 1st citizen this corrupt bastard has framed. I doubt my complaints against Det Thomas are recorded, I'm assuming Det Thomas after 34+ yrs has no complaints on file. (Two sets of Books).

Sgt. Rush - 13-0180-0501, Rush originally was unaware of the cover-up. Rush is not at IAD anymore (punishment or conscience?). It took 7 months to get the audio of my IAD complaint, somehow it was modified with a background noise to hide audio testimony. Rush, after realizing a cover-up and after I told him I went to public Integrity abruptly terminated our meeting. Sgt. Rush reported to Lt Pair in this case. Lt Pair answered for Rush with a 'note to file' to terminate any investigation.

Deputy Viviano Guerrero - IAD14-0564-0808, Guerrero responded when I went to IAD to expose Det Thomas for covering-up crimes again! In the beginning of our meeting Guerrero was unaware of the cover-up. Guerrero pulled-up Supp#4 on computer and read Thomas stating no injuries, I questioned him and he repeated it 2 more times no injuries. Guerrero unknowingly exposed Thomas as a corrupt Det who falsified Supp#4 and provided it to HCDA as evidence all the while it was just opposite of witness audio testimony. (Two sets of Books). Later Guerrero told me he just collects data and reports it to his supervisor that is a lie because my FOIA request showed that Guerrero, assuming under direction, recommended not investigating crimes by Investigator Thomas.

Lt/Capt/Major, Bryan K. Pair /Melissa - Lt Pair was never available, left messages with Melissa never returned any of several calls. This unaccountable snake has been promoted to Capt. and compromised IAD investigation with a 'note to file' and shutdown Sgt. Rush investigation of Investigator Thomas. I believe this creep compiled/created bogus documents that Fillion gave me after I filed an open records request about the bogus Herndon Investigation of Deputy Luce. He oversaw the IAD Herndon & ClayRd Harrison compromised IAD investigation of Joe Felice calling 911 & giving a false report w/terrorist threats. This is where the corruption begins & IAD is ground zero, uncertain of the motive.

Major Greenwood/Grace, Melissa - Greenwood was never available. There is Major Corruption in IAD and his name is Greenwood. Greenwood moved from a HCDA ADA to a Major in the Exec Branch at HCSO placed in charge of IAD, quite the move! Now he is the Assistant Chief in Baytown. Contacted Greenwood using many methods at least 20 times this unaccountable weasel won't face me and hides behind subordinates. Major Greenwood authorized IAD corruption and protected co-workers by granting them impunity while directing their actions with predetermined outcomes. His department (IAD) is one of the checks and balances controlled by compromised Harris County Administrators.

Sgt Perez - IAD Guerrero’s supervisor. He reviewed my complaint against Investigator Thomas and did not investigate Investigator Thomas for crimes committed. The Guerrero interview exposed Supp4 audio vs Thomas Narrative.

Lt. Kuhlman - Caught violating homicide suspects rights and promoted from Sgt to IAD Lt - HCSO/IAD is a cesspool magnet.

Capt. Joe Keith/Grace, Melissa - Grace believes Capt. Hughes was in his position when my case started.

John Dyess - terminated Investigating IAD but then terminated before or when Sheriff Hickman arrived Cannon took his place - investigation stopped.

Deputy Gilliland - signed bogus affidavit to withhold IAD manual to obstruct justice under HCSO legal supervision.

Chief Cannon/Kristie - Informed via hand delivered - Cannon accepted inappropriate/illegal HCE actions.

Sheriff Hickman/Kristie - Informed Hickman via Certified Mail - Hickman condoned inappropriate/illegal HCE actions.

Eunice Bejines - 713-755-8139, Should be calling Claudia at 713-755-5668

Rosa Ming/RG - Provided an incomplete Open Records (Two sets of Books) request of IAD Internal Report 12-0081-0305 - I'm assuming IAD followed a non-standard protocol and there was never any ADC involvement, this investigation's outcome was pre-determined and Herndon had to back into that outcome. (RG).

Tibben Lewis - -asked for internal ADC report on IAD cover-up. I think Claudia Gallardo took over for Tibben Lewis.

Ann West Ragsdale/RG - Unable to find many case HC12-21366 documents - Sgt Thomas informed her about another location where the docs can be found. (Two sets of books). Said Det Thomas needs to approve docs for FOIA release (R__) illegal? I believe she was told by Thomas to withhold Supp#4 and wrote "#4 Not Sent" on my Faxed Request which I did receive from the FOIA docs. Ann resigned from HCSO shortly after this event (death in family?), she may have gotten in trouble. She originally did not know of cover-up, she could not find data (Two sets of Books). Received Police report 4/17 that was requested 2/20, I can’t believe Dep Luce filed this report - exposed himself to corruption what is his incentive?

Delora Miller - I contacted her to satisfy TXAG ruling of the 911 call, Susan Fillion responded instead. Faxed a request for a copy of the 911 call.

Traci Mullins - Asked for copy of 911 per TXAG, she needed Legal approval. Once she said case is open and cannot release a police report? I Requested another 911 copy after the case was closed the 1st time.

Mark Cantu - Talked to Cantu about terroristic threat, he said they take them seriously, and then I sat w/Sgt Herndon and began telling story. Mark Cantu IAD 713-755-6517 #12-0081-0305

Supervisor Hayes - Ben Luce Supervisor ADA said talk to him so I went to Clay Road, he said there is no 911 or terroristic threat mentioned in the police report. I said that’s why I'm here the report is false. Supervisor Hayes asked if the terrorist threat was repeated at the house and I said Joe Felice said ‘That fucker threatened to kill me’ twice in front of family & the deputies. I complained to Supervisor Hayes HCSO Clay Road about Deputy Luce covering up crime and filing false police report. I said Dep Luce fabricated/falsified the police report! Haynes sees no problems.

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Texas Attorney General’s Office (TXAG)

TXAG - 12/26/12 says the ruling request is from HCSO not HCDA, why? Will rule 1/15/2013 - 45 business days. TXAG may have strong & unhealthy relationship with HCAO/HCSO Legal. Asked TXAG for help with enforcing 911 ruling because HC running me in circles.

FOIA TXAG - was strongly influenced by HCA obstruct justice by delaying my rulings and not taking my comments into consideration. My 4 FOIA requests took exactly 10 business days for HC to request a TXAG ruling, then exactly another 45 business days for TXAG to rule, then a minimum of another 10 business days for HC to comply with the TXAG ruling. 65 Business days equals 3+ months per request. TXAG stated a 21 day turnaround on 60% of FOIA requests. Statistically applying my experience with TXAG - 21 days @ 60% X 4 events @ 45 days = lottery odds.

STATE TX FOIA - designed for secrecy & failure. TXAG aligned with HCAO, HCSO, and HCDA to cover-up HC corruption. HC is an extension of TXAG. Education & Enforcement are the same TXAG FOIA department - shows lack of concern for both. TXAG FOIA rulings have no teeth, no consequences.

Amanda Crawford Chief - Crawford said TXAG does not wait till the 45th day to release their ruling. This officer of the court lies with a straight face. My 4 rulings were released on the 45th business day regardless of content. Stats prove her wrong, I am not experiencing what others citizens experience - FOIA violation.

June B Harden - filed brief 15-41413 (to Justin Gordon not Ken Paxton?) to withhold data of TXAG/HCDA ruling by Godden #560033 where my comments were not found because Gooden sent them to HCDA Durfee. This is wrong HCDA is client TXAG is Attorney - does not pass smell test? Engaged in cover-up w/HC - evidence & document misrepresented to AGA Godden for ruling consideration - ghost files #561467 held my evidence hidden from #560033 AGA/Godden cause uninformed and tainted ruling

Justin Gordon Chief (new) - Condones and would not intervene with Neil's antics. May have given Neil his marching orders.

Kristi Godden - TXAG would not let me speak to Kristi Godden about her 560033 ruling. June Harden said they won't let her speak to Kristi either (June is a liar). Kristi ruled to withhold documents I already possessed and submitted to her for consideration. Kristi returned my comments to HCDA thinking HCDA submitted them to TXAG when in fact I submitted the entire police report including Supp#4 as my comments to take into consideration to make these documents available to the public.

Neil Falgu - Neil ID#545609/OR2013-00895, TXAG ruling 524480. Returned HCDA Gen Cnsl Durfee's 1st result to HCSO ACA Fillion - this is a concern. Falgu cannot hide his directive he has carte blanch to shut this case down! Falgu took 6 weeks (9/26-11/13) to send a fill-in-the-blank boiler plate letter to HCDA/Durfee to comply with TXAG 2 yr old ruling. Who is influencing Neil? Neil told HC this is over. Neil has marching orders from someone in authority, maybe June bug, maybe she being influenced from HC. Regardless, Neil should be disbarred.

Karen Hattaway - Asked new Chief to review ID#545609 and release HCDA Version of Supp#4 in the police report. She followed up to enforce Susan Fillion to follow the law and penalize HC for not complying.

Jordon Hale - HCAO &/or HCSO/Legal ID560033, ID561467, ID545609/OR2013-00895, TXAG ruling ID524480. IAD Standards and Guidelines ID521431 ID513277. ID517298. ID513277.

Tamara Strain - Tamara received certification letter from Susan Fillion that she has satisfied TXAG FOIA ruling. Fillion did not satisfy the ruling could be (Two sets of Books)

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Other Individuals and Agencies Contacted

HCSO Fry Road substation

Wayne Dolcefino

State of Texas State Office of Court Administration - (512) 463-1625

Renee E. Moeller - (R139) wants a retainer

Hershkowitz - (R138) cut me off sees no one framing me.

Kelly Newman - (R131) called back (R132) and left msg I’m wasting my time.

State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Information Service - (LRIS) (800) 252-9690

Civil Rights Project - (R123) (512) 474-5073

Wilfrido Mata - Harris County - Whistleblower


David Chou - with Texas Consumer Complaint Center

Bill Moore - Public Integrity Division told him HCSO knowingly covered up crime. He said IAD is trustworthy.

USDOJ - Sent email to

Randall L Kallinen - he wanted to know my damage$ not interested about HC corruption.

HCSO Hatfield - returned my call about my request for the full report. She left message stating she did receive my request and it will be 4-6 weeks.

Mighty Mike - confirmed Lisa’s shirt was torn which confirms what James & Joe said. This fact means she ripped her own shirt after attacking me in the house then came outside to be seen. Nice move, there was minute or two delay before she came out, got legal advice?

Houston Lawyer Referral Service - 713 237-9429 (R150) They have no referrals for police cover-up.

CID TX Ranger Pete Luna/Georgia - she said I'm in Luna's region. 281-517-1400/21 Luna said they act with HCDA Public Integrity initiation, not citizens.

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights - 1-800-552-6843

Judge Pratt's Attorney - Asked Judge Pratt for help, she isn't interested.

Annette Baldwin/WCIA - paid contract deputy Luce. They may have some liability. He filed a false police report covering-up 911 call & multiple false terroristic threats. Not a good public servant and not good hired help.

Open Records Foundation - (800) 580-6651

Joe Larson - 832-426-7020, Called Joe Larson 832-426-7020

Joel White - 512 469 3519

Jim Hemphill - 512-480-5762 Texas open records foundation

TX legal referral - Contact us by phone: (800) 252-9690

Kim Ogg - (713) 974-1600

P.M. Clinton - international Investigations 7201 Westview Road, Houston, Texas. 77055. (713) 686 6864

Tom Gregor - 832-448-3119 (R__) request meeting. tx open records

Lisa Faulkenberg

Houston Law Clinic

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