Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) made some mistakes then broke the law to cover-up these mistakes.  Then broke more laws and covered-up other citizen crimes.  Then broke the law and framed an innocent citizen.  These criminal events were made known to Harris County District Attorney, Harris County Attorney Office, and Texas Attorney General.  Instead of owning-up Harris County Administration used their state wide power and framed a good honest moral trustworthy citizen with a crime to conceal HCA crimes. 

This unique situation exposed me to organized crime by Harris County Administration.  HCA extended impunity to Investigator Thomas; Thomas in turn threatened Lisa Kenny with jail if she didn’t join HCA organized crime.

When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty

Lisa Kenny did not call the police, Bill Kenny did not call the police however, official HCSO police report involved us both but never mentioned the real 911 caller or the real illegal reason for dialing 911.  HCSO Clay Road Substation protected the 911 caller by filing a false police report.  The police report NEVER MENTIONED the 911 CALL or the 911 CALLER, or the FALSE TERRORISTIC THREATS that were on the 911 call and stated twice on-site in front of deputies and citizens. 

Unfortunately for me I can’t just sit back and accept government crime when I’m the target.  I have the ability, commitment, determination, and desire to hold authorities accountable, I want this exposed before a judge & jury, I have nothing to hide, I want the truth.  HCA has conspired against one of their own citizens.  This situation has influenced an ordinarily citizen to also disregard the law.  I did not ask for this and I have no fear being relentless in exposing Organized Crime by Harris County Administration. 

I was naive and gullible believing that following the law there would be a legal resolution to this corruption.  I went through the chain of command expecting to come across someone with authority and morals.  Began with the rank & file and continued through top administrators at the Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Attorney’s Office but instead of following the law Harris County Administration condoned these crimes and conspired against an innocent citizen and recommended self-intercourse.  I’m assuming this recommendation was accepted by other citizens but I wanted nothing less that justice.

I’m sure this is not the 1st time for Harris County to frame an innocent citizen but it’s my 1st time.  This is unacceptable and should be unacceptable to everyone including the people who participated.  This simple but exceptional case exposed me to the dark side of corrupt and powerful public servants who have been feeding at the county troth, some for decades, without earning their pay.  The rank & file will not jeopardize their livelihood they follow administration orders, legal or illegal, suits control uniform.  The ‘checks and balances’ positions, the control points, are not independent and are heavily influenced by the same people they are supposed to be monitoring. 

Any unbiased 3rd party including you or another juror will realize Harris County Administration knowingly, willingly, and intentionally broke the law; they abused their granted powers and framed an innocent citizen to conceal government corruption.  An unbiased investigation would be necessary because the official certified data recorded by the HC does not reflect the truth. 

The Harris County Official Records are under the control of HCA and this same data if investigated will confirm Harris County Administrators are compromised!  People make decisions based upon the data that is under the control of Harris County. Harris County determines what data to record, maintain, secure, conceal, fabricate, filter, modify, certify and present for evaluation.  Harris County has the ability to determine an outcome based upon their official records. 

This house of cards will not support the weight of truth so HC has been careful not to record the truth.  You do not have to take my word for this the evidence and witnesses still exist this data intentionally hasn’t been captured.  If you don’t ask the question or if you don’t answer the question then you don’t have to lie and no record exists.

Harris County Administration Breach the Separation of Powers

Loyalty is good but loyalty to a criminal is wrong.  Co-workers who break the law and co-workers who protect and join the conspiracy should be exposed.  There is no neutral ground those who do not expose wrongdoing join the conspiracy.  ‘No Snitching’ policy is gang member mentality but it is followed by Harris County Employees for fear of retaliation.  Public Servants who expose co-worker wrong doing are called whistleblowers and jeopardize their career. 

We all follow the same laws, we all play on a level playing field including those empowered with control over the citizens.  However, these public leaders knowingly, willingly, and illegally participated in organized crime and they should be stopped from feeding at the public trough.  All of them should be held accountable for their proactive and reactive actions that contributed to this conspiracy.  I’ve always offered to sit on a polygraph; they may cooperate if offered criminal immunity.